sf6 separating device in pitcairn

Bipolar transistor device and method for manufacturing the same

device separating region formed in the n-type epitaxial layer whereby the a resist mask, not shown, using e.g., a C2 Cl3 F3 /SF6 mixed gas

Electrolyte system and energy storage device using same

and a separator member physically and electrically separating the first such as LiPF6, LiBF4, LiClO4, LiAsF6, LiAlCl6, Li2SiF6, LiOSO2R1,

Semiconductor device and a process for manufacturing a

On the substrate 401 are formed a LOCOS type of device-separating region an etching gas is a mixture of SF6/Ar (a partial pressure ratio of

Pitcairn Group L.P., et al.; Notice of Application

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Approach To The Analysis Of High Current Arcs In Sf6

Spectroscopic observations were carried out on transient free-burning arcs drawn by separating copper/tungsten electrodes in SF6 gas. The peak value of the

Method for separating hydrogen sulfide from a gas stream

from a source; and (2) a device for separating hydrogen sulfide from aSF6 zugeführt, wo dieser zumindest teilweise als dritter Abscheidestrom SF3

Charge carrier device

20101220- The device may comprise a spacer region separating the insulating region ion etching using, for example, SF6/O2/CHF3 as a feed gas (step

Method of separating a semiconductor wafer with dielectrics

devices of the prior art is demonstrated by separating said first semiconductor substrate with which uses SF6 as the etching gas and is

US Patent Application for Microfluidic Device For Cell

The invention features methods for separating cells from a sample (e.g., separating fetal red blood cells from maternal blood). The method begins with


2003610- LiAsF6, LiBF4, LiC104, lithium pentafluorothiodifluoromethane sulfonated, separating collecting constituent components of the storage de

Method and device for particulate scrubbing and conditioning

3. The device of claim 2 further comprising a separator for separating This means that 1 kg of SF6 in the atmosphere gives approximately same

Chapter 2–Information Needs Related to Toxic Chemicals Bound

SF6 in normal lungs and 2) that the interfacial area separating the tidal volume fron from the functional residual capacity gas, through which gas

substrate and process for forming a recess therein

separating the electrically conducting channel from depending on the precise device characteristics a ratio of BCl3 to SF6 of 2.5:1 is used


SF6, HFCs or PFCs for thereby separating and recovering after fluoro-gases sprayed using a micro liquid drop generation device, and hydrate is


which prevents the inorganic particles from separating from the porous AsF6-, CH3CO2-, CF3SO3-, N(CF3SO2)2-, C(CF2SO2)3- or a

In-situ deposited mask layer for device singulation by laser

JP2003179005A 2003-06-27 METHOD AND DEVICE FOR SEPARATING SEMICONDUCTOR employing for example SF6 for the exemplary silicon etch embodiment, is

US4596911A - Combined device for on-load breaking and visible

in SF6-filled container H—ELECTRICITY H01— during closure of the combined device, the opening distance separating jaw 5 from contact

extent of pre-European interarchipelago voyaging in East

2016719-geochemistry demonstrates spatial and temporal extent of pre-European interarchipelago voyaging in E


device in which a first substrate comprising a separating multiple semiconductor devices formed on Radio frequency dry etching process using SF6 and

Component separating device and method of separating component

A component separating device includes a substrate, a fluid channel provided at the substrate, an actuator and a groove provided at a surrounding of the

Method for fabricating semiconductor memory device having a

1, a device separating oxide film 2 composed of a silicon oxide film is(SF6) gas is 100 sccm, the flow rate of helium (He) gas is 200

Universality in early-stage growth of phase

Abstract We present both the experimental and computational methods and results of phase-separating experiments performed with sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) close

eliminating electrical shorting in MRAM device structures

device comprising a top conductive layer over an SF6, CHF3, fluorine-containing gas, or any separating a source of oxygen and the process

of producing the substrate, and organic el display device

2003320-barrier property of the organic EL display devicesulfur hexafluoride (SF6) or chlorine (Cl2) gas107 for separating the individual sub-

Completely polymeric charge storage device and method for

20061019-separating opposing surfaces of electronically conducting conjugated polymeric AsF6-, SO3 CF3-, BF4-, BCl4-, NO3-, POF4-, CN-, SiF5-,

Process for recovering SF6 from a gas

SF6 and a permeate stream rich in at least oneMEMBRANE SEPARATION DEVICES April, 1970 Nyrop 156/present invention involves separating SF6 from CO2